Monday, January 9, 2012

To the Young Princes

I am a man! I am also a King! I was once a boy-prince, but one day I had decided that it was time for me to become a man, a king. It was not easy, but now I stand tall. Be not dismayed, I am a king, but I am still just a man. I am a man who seeks a Queen. I am a man ready to love and to allow my Queen to love me. I have always known what lust felt like. That is why I decided that it was time for me, a man, and a king, to love. Lust pokes fun at love. Lust was always accompanied with the feeling of being incomplete. To a young Duke, Dauphin (French), Amir (North African-Arabic), or Abiade (Nigerian) it may be fulfillment, but I am a man and a king. I know love, because I have known lust. Love is completion!

A king’s quest for love is like a game of chess. Love is a mightily divine clash of sexual, mental, and spiritual orgasms. For a king searching for a queen, it is all or nothing. Please pleasure me with your knowledge of life, history, the arts, philanthropy, and the sciences. Please pleasure me with your sweet juices and violence when you are testing and appreciating my manhood. Above all, please pleasure me with your confidence, trust, and unconditional love for the God-King that I serve and to whom I will only bow. A king has to have it all.

True Kings, whether they are animal or “ani-male” can distinguish a Queen from any other section of the feminine class. He will sacrifice the harlot, the vixen, the Barbie, and even risk his own life for his Queen, his consort. How do I know this? My bed has been occupied by them all. Each one pleasured me in one or two ways, but I never felt complete. Women can sense royalty. To some, men are like animals. The true meaning of natural selection is the woman’s decision to give herself to the strongest animal that will assist her in birthing an even stronger nation. Yes my young princes, women are powerful, but Queens are divine.

Some women may suggest that men are simple creatures, but I chuckle at the fact that they never seem to grasp that simplicity that confuses their complexity. A King has to be both simple, yet complex. My Queen will be my bride. A simple man, a King will not marry a woman that is not preparing or prepared to be a wife and a Queen. As a young prince, I walked this earth displaying the deep piercings and cannibalistic marks of women on my back that did not complete me. I wanted to be a man. I wanted to be a King! I disposed of my princely title and became a King. I became King Adebomi, which means “crown covered my nakedness.”- (Nigerian- Yoruba)

I am ready to receive my Queen. The seeds of my precious jewels can only enter into the sacred palace of my one true Queen. She will nurture and prepare the future Kings and Queens for their great coronation and formal introduction to the world. Together we shall introduce them to the peasants, the jesters, and the pretenders of the crown, so that they may see what a King and Queen is not. This too shall pass. For I am a man, a King, and a just leader, but the titles that I long to possess are great husband, great father, and great son. Only then, will I truly be the greatest sovereign on earth. Dear Princes far and near, titles mean nothing without the action included.


  1. The content is compelling J. I wonder why, though, you didn't write much on your inheritence of this kingship. I think it was touched on a little bit at the latter-part of the 3rd paragraph.